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Barbara Boeing

Barbara Boeing is a leading name in the current independent Brazilian electronic music scene. For more than ten years she has been deepening and refining a vast musical research with sets that travel through the most varied rhythms and eras. Besides the technique with the CDJs and also vinyls, the DJ is responsible for projects that brought new standards for Curitiba’s nightlife. Barbara is one of the founders of Alter Disco, a well known party that stablished broader boundaries in terms of freedom of expression, social paradigms and is now a reference for musical curacy all over Brazil.
Under the spotlight, the invitations to play in some of South America’s biggest parties began to appear for her: Gop Tun, Selvagem, 1010, Casalocasa (Peru), Coup (Argentina) and Overcast (Bogota). Barbara’s sets also drew attention in other continents and put her name in major festivals’ line ups: Dekmantel São Paulo 2018, Lente Kabinet (Oostzaan, Netherlands), Nuits Sonores 2019 (Lyon, France), in addition to two European tours for two consecutive years. Do not be surprised if this remarkable little one takes you on flights from Balearic, House, Disco and Techno or virtually anything that leaves your feet and your mind in a constant state of move on the dance floor.


Blinky is a music project started in April 2019 composed by Andrea Bernardi (voice, drum machine) and Francesco Chiamulera (guitars, synths).
The project is the union of the the musical heritages of the two, psychedelic house and techno beats coming from the vinyl collection of Andrea filtered by the uk breakbeat & rave obsessions of Francesco. The music progressions and trips have melancholic and emotional vocal lines. The mood is dystopic but at the same time positive and faithful.

Boston 168

Along a surface, within the empty silence of an abandoned setting, the factory noises still echo: in the beginning was the production line, then the working class of the consumer society, lastly machines and robotics as workforce. So in those factory cities, in Michigan as in UK and in the Italian motown Turin, the industrial plants have been occupied by the rave subcultures, the mechanical noise replaced by the sound of techno. Now the plants have become sound venues, and getting involved with techno can be seen as a search for a meaning for the kids who grew up in that industrial setting. In Turin, industrial and musical manufacturing city, Boston 168 is born, formed by Sergio Pace and Vincenzo Ferramosca, an analogic duo that through sound production aims to redefine a peculiar field of the electronic sound, Acid Techno. Boston 168 is a laboratory of sound crafting: Sergio Pace and Vincenzo Ferramosca are two electronic researchers, who have spent years working on vivisecting sound in order to create new solutions for the techno substance. In 2010 the two young producers co-found Old and Young label: a combination of the experience of Gambo with their fresh point of view in order to redefine the basis of techno. The two young producers start working on their live set: as a result, they irradiate with cosmic warmth the dawns in warehouses, ex-industries and clubs, taking their audience on techno voyages at traditional speed, looking for new gravity spaces and sound blackholes. Sergio Pace and Vincenzo Ferramosca's meticolous work mixes up the acoustics of the traditional machines which made the history of techno, Roland Tr909, Tr707, Tb303, Avalon Abstrakt Instrument and other technological hardware.
The feedback of the international techno community is huge: Boston 168 publish on different labels such as Enemy, Involve, Attic music, Odd/even, around their EPs and music there is a growing interest from the whole industry and this leads in 2017 to a residence at Khidi club in Tbilisi, current world techno capital, and in 2018 to their last work that coincides with their debut on Ellen Allien’s Bpitch Control.


“Whatever genre or music style I select there’s always soul that people can connect to. But you know, it all depends on my mood too.” – CARISTA

More than just a DJ. Curator, Carista looks set to produce more exciting moments for those lucky enough to witness the Utrecht native. Showcasing her unique take on Soul, Electronic, House, Garage or whatever the vibes call for through monthly slots on NTS and Red Light radio, are foundations for her having an incredible last 12 months.
Her label/platform United Identities has been key in her moving forward and expressing the untapped energy she brings to her sets. Music lovers and tastemakers saw what Carista brought to the table in full effect with a collaboration with Boiler Room in February 2019 which definitely left us with a demand for more to come. Smiles and shaking a leg go hand in hand when she plays. All from the chemistry and reaction the crowd's response welcomes her with. This infectious style has seen the charismatic Carista pass her trade around the world, with her fanbase continually growing we see her demand skyrocketing. Who knows what the rest of 2019 holds for The United Identities head honcho

Craig Richards

Craig Richards has realised worldwide recognition by staying in one place. His residency at Fabric is an unparalleled success.
Each and every week he creates an inspiring soundtrack for the club, never the same and always challenging, his early morning sets are legendary.
As artist in residence and musical director for Saturday nights at Fabric he is responsible for the inspired approach taken to programming by the club.
Craig is currently producing an album of music and a book of poetry and paintings with Howie B to be released at the end of the year.

Dirty Channels

Dirty Channels are Simone and Leme, Italian djs and producers who spread house music around the world from over 10 years. Their headquarter is the Take It Easy party in Milan, a reference point for the clubbing scene where they play every month alongside some of the best international djs.
Dirty Channels’ sound is a journey into the old school house grooves and the deepest techno atmospheres, passing throughout disco-funk and afro vibes. As producers, they’ve been discovered by the italo-house masters Pastsboys releasing their first tracks on Manocalda Records, then they soon landed on legendary labels as Ovum Recordings by Josh Wink and Crosstown Rebels.
An important chapter for Dirty Channels is marked by the release of “Watching Out” on Athens Of The North, a disco-house dancefloor killer that have been named Tune Of The Month by Mixmag magazine and received full support from artists as Gilles Peterson, Jeremy Underground, Kerri Chandler, Dan Shake and many others which they’re also collaborating with.
Together with Take It Easy crew, Dirty Channels are launching their own label, born to spread the sound that most characterizes the party. In their career the guys have also remixed many artists such as Terrence Parker, Roland Clark, Telepopmusik and Robert Owens. To learn more about their music you can listen to their radioshow PlayDirty, on air every month on Pioneer Dj Radio.

Donato Dozzy

Few DJs and producers are as widely and universally acclaimed in techno circles as Italian Donato Dozzy. He has a rare ability to work his way into peoples' minds in both contemporary and classical settings, conjuring real mood and atmosphere. Never one to pay heed to the
zeitgeist, he prefers to deal in hypnotic soundscapes that really take you on a trip.
Enigmatic as he is, and laidback as he seems, as an artist he is constantly unveiling new work. Displaying a large variation in terms of sound and method across many new releases each year--some of which come on his co-owned label Spazio Disponibile--he also puts out installations for public spaces and museums, uses obscure musical instruments, collaborates with likeminded producers, classical singers or visual artists. Donato seems to continuously challenge himself on a creative level: whatever method he uses, though, he is always likely to permeate your cerebral cortex and rewire it in fascinating and compelling new ways.

Eternal Love

Eternal Love, eternal music. Rare and well paved, Federico & Pacifico’s way runs through forgotten records from all over the world. This talented duo spreads lots of fun and quality, real classic attitude behind and in front of the booth.
Their eternal love channel has quickly become a trusted source of gems with just few copies around, ranging several genres and musical cultures.
Heads of Rocket Radio Milano, their powerful selections have moved over wild european sound systems such as: Brilliant Corners in London, Bonnefoi in Bruxelles, Dizonord in Paris & more.

Hieroglyphic Being live

Best known seeing that Hieroglyphic Getting, Chicago local Jamal Moss is among electronic dance music’s most fearlessly experimental performers. His futuristic, abstract compositions are inspired by free of charge jazz, commercial, and musique concrète in addition to techno and home. His recordings focus on spontaneity and imagination over studio room polish or availability, and he frequently uses analog tools and primitive documenting techniques, producing a tough, dirty audio. Restlessly prolific and frequently brilliant, he provides released a large number of albums and EPs, including recordings under extra monikers such as for example I.B.M. and sunlight God. He also works Mathematics Recordings, which includes kept Chicago’s acidity home legacy alive with produces by himself, Steve Poindexter, and Lil’ Louis, in addition to international artists such as for example John Heckle and EDMX (DMX Krew). Delivered in 1973, Moss was an integral part of Chicago’s acidity house scene through the past due ’80s and early ’90s. He helped make soundscapes on the Liquid Appreciate parties on the infamous place Powerplant, subsequently beginning another event series entitled Liquid Sex. Following that, he came in touch with Chicago home pioneers Adonis and Steve Poindexter, who became large inspirations to his function. Moss hosted a residence program known as Jack-FM on Radio place WNUR from 1993 to 1996. That season, he began Mathematics Recordings using the discharge of a restricted white label 12″ by himself and Poindexter. He collaborated with Poindexter and Kareem Smith as Chicago Poor Boys, launching a dual 12″ on Djax-Up-Beats in 1997. Alongside Melvin Oliphant and Daryl Cura, he shaped the Dirty Scammers and contributed with their initial two produces on International Deejay Gigolo Information. His solo profession started to remove around the middle-2000s. He released two EPs on Ghostly International’s sublabel Spectral Sound, performed on the Detroit Digital Music Festival in 2004, and received very much acclaim from digital music publications such as for example XLR8R and URB. Further produces appeared on brands such as for example Morphine Information, Klang Elektronik, and Dope Jams. Because the 2010s started, his result became extremely difficult to keep an eye on, with many albums appearing each year, mainly as limited CD-Rs. His even more experimental albums made an appearance on labels such as for example Alter, Further Information, and audioMER, getting him an target audience beyond dance music circles. In 2013, Moss collaborated with Daniel Martin-McCormick (Ital) beneath the name Interplanetary Prophets, liberating an EP entitled No Hour on World Mu. The next 12 months, the label released The Seer of Cosmic Visions, a compilation of songs from Moss’ limited self-released recordings. The discharge was acknowledged to Hieroglyphic Becoming as well as the Configurative or Modular Me Trio. In 2015, Hieroglyphic Becoming collaborated with sunlight Ra Arkestra’s Marshall Allen, drummer Greg Fox, vocalist Shelley Hirsch, and many other musicians beneath the name J.We.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Buhl, generating the album WE HAVE BEEN Not the very first. Issued by Rvng Intl., the recording received very much acclaim from your underground music press. Also that 12 months, Soul Jazz Information reissued The Acid solution Documents, that was previously a restricted CD-R launch from 2013. In 2016, Spirit Jazz released KMT, the debut full-length by Africans with Mainframes, Moss’ long-running task with Noleian Reusse. Hieroglyphic Getting after that released the full-length The Disco’s of Imhotep on Technicolour, a Ninja Melody imprint that got previously released his EP The 4th Dimensions of the Nubian Mystic in 2014.


As said by the so missed Juno Plus: “The middle ground between US and European electronic music is where the work of Hiver exists”. Echoing hypnotic melodies and haunting rhythms, Giuseppe Albrizio and Sergio Caio, have given form to Hiver back in 2012.
Since then, they’ve started defining their aesthetic path, driven by dark and distant elements slowly evolving in a mould of linear rhythms. Their debut Ep “A Day”, on Vidab Records in 2012, has been followed by the highly acclaimed “Blue Aconite” Ep, released via Curle Recordings and including a Tobias remix. Thanks to this release, Hiver’s name started to be reckon worldwide. Clubs and festival promoters has soon started taking note of their works, as testified by their shows at Panoramabar, Dimensions Festival, ADE, Oval Space, Rio De Janeiro and a 5 shows Asia tour, just to name a few. Being based in Milan, it didn’t took too long for them to get offered to join the infamous Dude Club as resident djs and likewise in the meantime, other labels and producers started approaching Hiver with collaboration offers.
With other 2 eps signed on Curle, a release on Luke Hess’s Deeplabs label and further acetates on Kann, Appian Sounds, Bokhari and Taped Artifact the ground is set to allow Hiver to push their sound to a further level.

Innocent Soul

Vittorio Rinaldi aka Innocent Soul, owner of Strictly Street Sound.
His musical career started as resident in Barcellona for Space Music Garden project at La Terrrazza in Poble Espanyol and for Modular project at City Hall on Friday.
During his residency and his travels, he played alongside great artists such as Soulphiction, soundstream, Boo Williams, Folamour, Marshall Jefferson, Spencer Parker, Gerd Janson, Lil Louis, Dekmantel Soundsystem, Mano Le Tough and many more, sharing the love for the music with 'em.
Lover of disco, afro, black, raw and house music, he's a great collector of vinyl and has a large collection with which he likes to enjoy and perform.
His first release, "High Cutz", was in 2018 on Toy Tonics with his mate Black Loops, to then release in the same year his first solo EP, "Do u wanna dance??" on his own Strictly Street Sound.
Some months later followed the second chapter of the "High Cutz" series with Black Loops on Rough Limited.
Further, in the same year, Innocent Soul and Black Loops released "Wanna Feel It" on Classic Music Company, sub-division of Defected.

Interstellar Funk

Van Elden’s ascent in underground electronic music culture has not come as a surprise to those within Amsterdam’s club scene. He was wowing home crowds long before he bagged a sought-after residency at now-departed venue Trouw, and more recently at it’s widely beloved successor De School.

What marks out Interstellar Funk’s productions and DJ sets is van Elden’s love of the imperfections and eccentricities associated with left-of-centre analogue machine music. You’ll hear them within the new wave, electro, techno, jack-tracks, heavy electronics and everything in between that populate his DJ sets, as well as the solo records he’s released on Dekmantel, Berceuse Heroique and Rush Hour, the label, store and distribution company he’s been associated with since 2013.


JASSS (S. Jiménez Alvarez) is a sound artist and producer born and raised on the northern coast of Spain, where Jazz, African, and South American rhythms became some of the first and most formative influences of her life. In constant discord with the cultural and social norms of Spain, she found solace in landscapes of sound. In her youth she immersed herself in punk and hardcore projects while developing a keen interest for industrial, dub and experimental music. After moving to the Netherlands in 2010, she began working with field recordings and electronic music. A year later in Berlin she began composing and scoring music for experimental films. In 2015 she made her first appearance as a DJ with a distinct, eclectic style that would become her signature approach. Her first record, Caja Negra EP, was released by the American label Anunnaki Cartel in early 2016. Later that year she released her second EP, Mother, on Mannequin Records. Her first solo LP, Weightless, will be released on iDEAL recordings and marks a breakthrough of her exploration in electro-acoustic sound and audiovisual performance.

Kassem Mosse live

Kassem Mosse produces a variety of electronic music, ranging from techno to house and freeform experiments. Mosse’s signature style focuses on contrasting textures, deep bass frequencies and intricate rhythm patterns. His music is released by labels such as FXHE (US), workshop (GER), The Trilogy Tapes, nonplus+ and Soul Jazz (UK). Kassem Mosse performs live and DJs in Europe, the US and Japan.


Lerato Khathi aka Lakuti grew up in Soweto, South Africa . She took a deep interest in music from a very young age, inspired by her mother’s impressive collection of Soul & Funk. Her grandfather also played a significant part in further nurturing her musical interest by schooling her in the art of Jazz. She inherited his jazz collection when he passed away and to this date has held onto every piece of vinyl from this collection. The biggest influence & inspiration was to come however with the first batch of Chicago house records .
Her first adventure onto a musical path came when she convinced an empty 100 capacity theatre in a then arty Yeoville – a suburb in Johannesburg, to let her use the space as a small club in the early 90′s, whilst embarking on a Law Degree. Planet Hendon was born which saw some of the best local talent play. Around the same period, she met Alan Abrahams aka Portable/Bodycode and collaborated with him on a few music projects. Some of those works were released on South African deep house label, Dj Syndicate.
Lakuti relocated to London in 1997 ; after a 3 year stint in Toronto, Canada, where she studied film and worked on various film related projects. She immediately looked into dedicating herself full time into music and looked at ways of achieving that goal. A break through came when she met the legendary Earl Gateshead, the powerhouse behind the Trojan Soundsystem , who took her under his wing. They promoted a monthly Friday for about 1 year at the hugely influential underground hub, Plastic People in London.
Lakuti also established and ran successful underground parties in London under the Süd banner. The events ran for 11 years until November 2011 and saw performances from artists such as Juan Atkins, Move D, Rick Wade, Dj Jus Ed, Boo Williams, Tama Sumo , Prosumer, Lawrence , Efdemin, Carsten Jost, Pantha Du Prince, Shed, Daniel Bell, e.t.c. They established the Süd Electronic imprint in October 2002 and Lakuti established Uzuri Recordings Nov 2007 to rave reviews and has since established The Uzuri Artist Bookings & Management agency.
Lakuti has played at clubs and events such as Fabric, The End, Plastic People, Corsica Studios, Herbal, Elektrowerks, plays regularly at Panorama Bar in Berlin, Rex Club, Djoon, Concrete + more in Paris, Silenco, Weetamix & Motel Campo in Geneva , Dude Club in Milan , Prince Charles & About Blank also in Berlin, Bussey Building in London , Dalston Superstore also in London, Printworks ,Chapter 10 @ Bloc , The Cause , Disco Volante , Dude Club ,Basic Club and many more clubs in Italy, Bern Salonger in Stockholm, Cardboard Club in Gothenburg , Inkonst in Malmo, as well as in Copenhagen , Skopje , Nantes , Lyon and pretty much most cities in europe with an electronic music scene . she has also toured Brazil , Australia and has also toured the USA several times and recently played in Canada in June 2019 , for the first time . She will be touring Japan for the first time in 2019 . Lakuti has played at various art events as well, including @ The opening party @ The South African Pavillion at the Venice Biennale and @ The first Riga Biennale in 2018 at the Documenta alternative art week in Athens in 2017, has played at many festivals such as Glastonbury Festival , Dekmantel Festival + Suncebeat , Fat Fat Fat festival , Nuit Sonores , CTM Festival , Today’s Art , Dimensions Festival , Love International + many more. She currently holds a residency at the cult Freerotation festival.
She has also collaborated with various artists on vocal duties. One such collaboration was a vocal track produced by Alan Abrahams under his Bodycode guise, titled, ” Body to Body ” which was released on Germany’s Yore Recordings. Another vocal contribution appeared on Bodycode’s second album for Spectral, released in 2009. A track titled ” What Did You Say” , which was also released as a single on Spectral in March 2009, with a remix by Babyford. Lakuti has also collaborated with Matias Aguayo on a track Called ‘Pata Pata ‘ released on Comeme. she has also collaborated with Tama Sumo & The Neighbourhood Character under the Tarantism name and remixed Swedish duo The Knife – a track called ‘Ready to Lose ‘ out on Rabid Records .
Lakuti has also programmed some events in various cities within Europe such as Lisbon , London and her co-programmed Friday nights @ Panorama Bar with Tama Sumo have been received positively .

Marcel Dettmann

DJ and producer Marcel Dettmann is recognised as one of the most influential proponents of contemporary Techno. Widely associated with iconic places – Berlin, Berghain and Hard Wax – Dettmann stays true to his roots by consistently innovating his interpretation of electronic music, integrating art with the scene. Raised in the former GDR in a small town near Berlin, Dettmann had already begun to develop his passion for electronic music in his youth days. Bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure and Front 242, as well as Post-Punk and Industrial, count as his earliest influences, long before he discovered his affinity for Techno. Since his hometown lacked a record store specialising in electronic music, Dettmann started selling vinyl from his own home between 1995 and 1998. He purchased records from various distributers, Hard Wax amongst others, both to resell to his friends and to cement the foundation for his own considerable collection. Like many of his friends, the mid-90s saw Dettmann frequenting Berlin's nightlife. This included club institutions E-Werk and Tresor where the resident DJs of that time aroused his passion for the Chicago and Detroit influenced sound. In 1999, after many (including self-organised) parties, his turning point came; Dettmann began to work as a resident DJ at Ostgut, Berghain’s predecessor. Shortly thereafter upon receiving a job offer from Hard Wax, he finally moved to Berlin. His apprenticeship as a vinyl buyer and seller as well as DJ, granted him an extensive depth of musical knowledge and intuition.

Marco Shuttle

Marco Shuttle has always achieved a lot with a little, and that is the singular aesthetic that stands him apart. His cinematic techno sounds are unusually organic: they build pressure in subtle ways and his meticulous grooves never fail to take listeners on a trip to somewhere new and exciting. As a result of this, he has become a firm favourite amongst the techno cognoscenti and has released on some of the most revered labels of the day, from famed New York club The Bunker’s new label to Peter Van Hoesen’s untouchable Time To Express via Clone SOS and his regular home, Eerie Records and lately on fellow Italians Dozzy’s and Neel’s new label, Spazio Disponibile
Marco Shuttle
Italian born but Berlin based. What ties his creative work together is a focus on abstract yet organic texture and the same thing defines his tightly woven DJ sets from Berghain to Labyrinth in Japan. His eclectic cerebral sound takes cues from experimental jazz and musique concrete as much as it does from acid house and Detroit techno.
Early breakout records like his ‘The Vox Attitude’ have been followed up with great outings on Clone, Time To Express, a collaboration with compatriot and fellow producer and friend Donato Dozzy as Anxur on Eerie and his first LP Visione again on Eerie Records, his very own well-formed label, and prove Marco Shuttle to be a uniquely minded techno troubadour.

Mattheis live

Unobtrusively his music finds its way into acclaimed record collections worldwide.
The ever modest Matthijs Verschuure grew up on the countryside of the Netherlands, amidst polder landscapes, green fields and surrounded by the sea. It didn’t take long for the Dutchman to find his residence in the industrial harbour town of Rotterdam, where he further developed and crafted his propulsing, hypnotizing and cosmic sound.
After a handful of releases, Mattheis established himself in a niche part of the scene by teaming up with the Clone-affiliated “Nous’klaer Audio” in early 2013. The succes of his Isms EP and LS/1001 EP gave him the “Nous’klaer Audio Wonderboy” status, which he further expanded with the release of his mini-album “Luminous Frames”, signed by London duo “Walls” on their Kompakt imprint “Ecstatic Recordings”.
Mattheis takes his studio-ethos onto the stage, translating his delicate and honest arpeggio-driven work into comprehensive live- and djsets. The end of 2015 marks yet another milestone in the form of a return to Nous’klaer Audio with the release of his first full length album “Kindred Phenomena”.

Motor City Drum Ensemble

Motor City Drum Ensemble is a unique kind of ensemble in that it consists of just one man : Simultaneously retro and futuristic German House pioneer Danilo Plessow . He was born in 1985 in a small town in rural southern germany and soon moved to Stuttgart , the world’s cradle of the automobile and Germany’s ‘Motor City’ (w. Mercedes, Porsche, Bosch headquarters). Hence, his best known artist moniker ‘MCDE’ obviously is a reference as well to his home-town as to his first love in music, the Soul, Jazz and Techno sounds of Detroit. The ‘Drum Ensemble’ is a link to his collection of classic drum machines, technical backbone of his accomplished and renowned electronic music.

Paula Tape

Paula Tape is a woman inspired by passion and curiosity for all arts, but her strongest passion is without a doubt music. It’s a fire which feeds her continuous research and pushed her to travel the world. This also inspired her to get away from her native country Santiago de Chile where she grew up as a drummer in a few metal and indie-electro bands, to then DJ whilst studying fashion design at University.
Living between Barcelona and Milan, she devoted herself full time to her primary passion, continuing the exploration of electronic sounds and following her natural inclination to dig for hidden gems. This opened her ears to Italo & more experimental influences, and after some research, created her passion for percussive sounds which have shaped her eclectic style which reflect her radio residency called ‘Music for Plants’ and it’s a hallmark of her club sets.

Rosa Calix

Young romantic vinyl lover based in Milan.

Rrose live

Born 1969. Died 1909. After the release of three EPs and an album on the Sandwell District label in 2011 and the launch of her own Eaux imprint in 2012, productions out on Further Records, Stroboscopic Artifacts, Infrastructure New York and Khemia Records including collaborations with Bob Ostertag, Charlemagne Palestine, Lucy, and others, Rrose has firmly established himself in the worldwide techno underground while remaining equally situated in the experimental and avant-garde artistic communities. Her tracks incorporate ideas from early drone and minimalist music as prominently as they do the history of dance music. Whether as a DJ, live performer, or producer, Rrose crafts sonic ecosystems with patience and attention to detail, allowing the music to unfold gradually while tapping into deep, uncharted recesses of both the mind and body.

Tama Sumo

„Music is pure communication – stay in contact and follow your heart!“
Heart, emotion and passion instead of pure functionality – these are Tama Sumo’s dj characteristics in a nutshell.
She started out in 1993 at the Drama bar in Berlin / Kreuzberg, one of the first bars to ever feature its own dj at the weekend and an important hang out for the scene before going to the clubs.
Besides, the Drama has been one of the few locations playing house music, when techno was dominating all the
other clubs and bars at that time. Tama Sumo used to play a lot of New York style vocal house and quickly became a regular DJ behind the decks at the gay saturdays at Café Moskau.
In the beginning of 1994 she started playing regulariy at the legendary Techno-Club Globus/Tresor and became a
resident DJ at this location for the following years. Here she began to integrate different electronic-music-genres into her house sets, a mixture, she conctantly improved over the years and which by now has become so sigificant for her long sets.
Since 2001 Tama Sumo also played regulariy at the „Dance With The Aliens“-Party at the old OstGut, the predecessor of Berghain, which eventually opened the door to a residency at the new Panoramabar & Berghain. In the meantime she developed a varied style ranging from House in all its colours, combined with reduced Techno, old Electro, Disco and Pop. Altogether her sets feature a lot of bass, sometimes melody, always deep, sexy, dirty, jacking, rough and funky.
„Music for me is something very subjective and I always attempt to approach it with my intuition,” Tama Sumo
„To be a DJ for me means to be in touch with the audience without speaking and to interact with the crowd and give them what they need while staying true to myself at the same time.
It’s also fundamental to my work that I succeed at letting the music, the crowd and myself run freely. I have to turn off my head and go with the flow.
I love to create and play with different moods and atmospheres. And I’m still fascinated by the fact that music can release a huge amount of energy and fun immediately.
Music and bass in particular make people happy!“
At the beginning of 2008, she has finally released her first record. Both tracks, “Play Up” and “Brothers, Sisters”, have been produced in collaboration with Prosumer. They perfectly sum up Tama’s take on house music: two rough and funky tracks which made the DJ Top 50 of German Groove Magazin at first go.

Yanik Park

Yanik Park began his career with a party in Milan called Olympia, where he was joined by several Dj’s & producers like Pional, Marvin & guy and Justin Vandervolgen.
After 2 years of successful nights at Olympia he became resident DJ at Volt club, adapting his technique to a bigger room and warming up for artists such as Gerd Janson, Dixon, Young Marco or Job Jobse, to name a few.
This period meant a learning stage for Yanik at being able to build up a party, remaining loyal to his own style yet following a coherent path to the lined up djs.
His style blends between different genres, years, tempo's & moods.
He has started producing his own music with the release of two edits with his "Ears on Earth” Madrid collective and he will soon be releasing new material with a new Italian label.
Yanik Park debuted at DC10 Ibiza this summer 2019 and has played at some renowned parties around Europe including Resident Advisors 24h party, Paraiso Festival Madrid, Polifonic festival Puglia and The lot Radio NYC amongst others.
More to be announced…