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999999999 Live

999999999 - officially started in July 2016 and already affected the most important clubs and festivals all around Europe. They aroused much interest even outside the continent becoming one of the most requested live acts of the techno scene. First three releases on their label "Nine Times Nine" and their appearance on Planet Rhythm special "303" vinyl release were immediately sold out after few hours. Live is what they are whether in or out of the studio, they are spontaneous. Improvisation with hardware is the key element of their performance and is impossible to replicate.


Having made a practice to steer crowds into deep ecstasy with her hypnotic sets at famed Goa Ultrabeat parties in Rome where she operates as a resident DJ, Adiel kicked off her own label, Danza Tribale in 2016 with a solid debut instalment, 'Anatomia Del Cavallo', that urged new ravers and dancers to join in with her densely forested musical fantasies where swirling melodic motifs, eerie atmospheres and entrancing 4/4 rhythms coexist in a rapturous communion of sorts. Orbiting around her own output, Danza Tribale is intended to provide a bespoke landing platform for techno dynamics both obscure and profound, alternately wild and held-in, instinctive and sophisticated, functional yet far from merely tool-esque.

Fresh off the release of her latest EP, 'Ritmo', Adiel strikes again with 'Tokyo' followed by 'Cavallina' EP where she teamed up with none other than Italian dub techno legend Donato Dozzy to sculpt a truly mind-bending mosaic of delayed drums, stealth acid accents and rolling bass moves. In July 2019 she returned with ‘Musicofilia’, her first record outside her own label, on Kangding Ray’s ara imprint. Adiel this time delivered tracks which will suit a variety of spatio-temporal dynamics, while still crafted for the club. Now in the works and due out in November 2019 on her Danza Tribale imprint, she has a new exciting EP in collaboration with one of the most respected figures in the techno scene, Northern Electronics label head Anthony Linell.

Adiel’s skills both as a DJ and producer have seen her play at some of the coolest clubs and festivals around Europe, such as Dekmantel, Off Sonar in Barcelona where she did her first Boiler Room, Berghain for the Klockworks showcase and Panorama Bar invited by Marcel Dettman, London’s Printworks for Ben Klock’s Photon event series, Concrete in Paris, DC 10 in Ibiza, De School in Amsterdam, Fuse in Brussels and other prestigious venues. Adiel will continue taking the scene by storm in the coming months, bringing her unique take on techno to dance floors across Europe. Some of her upcoming dates include shows at Amsterdam’s ADE for Photon, Ibiza’s Afterlife and London’s iconic Fabric club amongst many others.

Âme Live

Âme are German duo Kristian Beyer & Frank Wiedemann.
In a genre seemingly obsessed with revisiting the past, Âme look firmly to the future of dance music. Driven toward continual evolution since they started making tracks in 2001, the German duo of Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer have challenged club-goers’ expectations with their conceptually driven and uniquely visceral music. Now over 15 years into their career together, their deep understanding of the clubbing landscape and each other’s strengths allows Âme to stay innovative and relevant in a swiftly paced genre. And as primary partners of the Innervisions label/collective with Dixon, the pair continue to foster the future of house with carefully selected releases, all-encompassing live events, and even their own boutique shop that solidifies the connection between the artists and their admirers.

Dasha Rush Live

Dasha Rush is a Russian-born artist who spends her time drifting around the globe, while constructing a rather wide assortment of electronic music and arts projects. Among releases on labels like Sonic Groove and Raster Noton, and collaborations with few others, still majority of her work is released on her own imprint Fullpanda records and more experimental sub-label Hunger to Create.

The beginnings of her musical activity at very young age, had took place in her mother land- Russia. It progresses organically while her move to France, developing as electronic music composer , producer and dj she steps into experimentations with the diverse forms of Arts by creating collaborating with dancers, painters.

Rush sees the genre as a starting place, not a destination. And brings up a mixture of rather rare electronic experimentation's more akin to the brief movement of underground music the roots of such partially go back to the early 20th century and rise to significant Art Movements to this day.

Her last album on Raster-Noton, Sleepstep, could be a metaphor for her musical work: "These 16 pieces are transmissions from that state between sleep and wakefulness," said Tony Naylor, a reflection of the in- between zones her music often inhabits. Dubby but intense, brutal but tender, foggy yet clear—Sleepstep was a wonderful mass of contradictions. Not being one thing or the other is vitally important to Rush, which goes hand-in-hand with her strong independent streak.

Rush likes to push and expand the boundaries of the contemporary music to the limit, still encourages experimentation with various musical (and non-musical) forms and assembling to a thoughtful composition into multidisciplinary projects.

Her audiovisual projects named “Antarctic Takt” in collaboration with the visual artist Stanislav Glaszov, is a monochromatic audio/video performance that sends the audience on an imaginative journey to an abstract Antarctica. Which was premiered at the Atonal festival in 2014, following the presentations at Mutek Montreal 2015, L.E.V Festival (Spain) 2016, Ars Electronica (Austria) 2016, and Resonanz festival Tokyo, Volt Festival Sweden, Alexandrinskii Theater in Saint Petersburg and Barbican Center in London among the others.

Also, More recent AV show and installation - “Dark Hearts of Space” exploring poetic and physical nature of a black hole. The performance was Developed in 2016 at the Banff Center for arts and science in Canada, during the Convergence Residency. The Premier of the AV performance version took place at the Salle Pierre-Mercure in Montreal during AV Vision at Mutek festival. Followed by performances at Unsound Festival and At the Lowry Theatre in Manchester. Currently, Dasha with her fellow visual partner Stanislav Glazov are in the process of developing the Dark Hearts of Space in form of the Art Installation, as it was initially conceived.

In past years she is enlarging the field of her activities. Currently, Dasha is a part of the curatorial board at Spacial Sound institute in Budapest, for the current residency which is focused on the new development and experimentation in spatial sound technology. 4DSOUND opens up new possibilities to create, perform and experience sound spatially, based on the very specific sound system called 4D sound.

To sum up, Dasha is a respected and well-traveled Live performer, electronic music composer , sound artist and Dj, but her work is equally focused away from the dance floor, and sometimes away from the music itself.

In her strange and twisted world the machines are the protagonists of a neo -romanticism, weaved with human dreams.

Francis Inferno Orchestra

Melbourne has emerged over the last half decade as a one of the most exciting destinations for underground music. Francis Inferno Orchestra is among the most esteemed talents to emerge from Australia’s creative capital. His wonky discofied yet off kilter, house sound which has one step in the past and one toward the future, has also permeated the Superconscious label he runs alongside Fantastic Man. A label which champions australian music & beyond and already in it’s youthful lifespan become a ‘one to watch’ in the underground scene.

The Australian DJ/Producer made the breakthrough to the international scene with ease – and has kept heads spinning with a stream of seriously danceable releases since 2010. Presenting house and techno classics alongside esoteric rare oddities from beyond his years, FIO’s DJ sets are a low – brow history lesson – respecting the past without being a slave to it. He has grown to become a key figure of Melbourne’s always growing underground dance scene, being invited across the country and further abroad, where he is now a firm regular on the international circuit.

2014 saw the release of FIO’s debut album A New Way of Living which was met with great reception and proved just how much talent this unique young artist holds. Since then he has been busy in the studio turning out sought after 12″s such as the “Where will you be spending eternity?” that included the hit ‘ Harmony’ and “Oasis & A Time”, as well as a number of esteemed remixes.

Fred P


Giuseppe and Sergio were born in the same town and eventually both moved to Milan where they started working on music together.
Labels started to take an interest in their productions and they released their first EP “A Day” on Vidab Records in 2012.
Following the well acclamated release on Curle “Blue Aconite” EP, featuring a Tobias. Remix. they started to get booked all over Europe.
2014 has been a strong year for Hiver with sets at Panorama Bar / Berghain, Dimensions Festival and Rio de Janeiro, and another release on Vidab.
In 2015 another release on Curle followed and appearance on Kann, Appian Sounds and Bokhari record.

2016 saw them djing at Off Sonar and ADE festival, London debut at Oval space. Third EP on Curle Recordings; appearance on Luke Hess's label Deeplabs and Taped Artifact,

Apart from music production, they hold a residency at the prestigious Dude Club in Milan since 2012.

Richard Brophy from Juno Plus wrote: “the middle ground between US and European electronic music is where the work of Hiver exists.”

Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills, along with Robert Hood, Carl Craig, and Joey Beltram, is one of the biggest American names in techno. Championed for his music's relentless pursuit of hardness and his stripped-down, almost industrial DJ sets, Mills is the latest in a long..

A founding member of noted Motor City institution Underground Resistance, Mills helped build the artist roster and label ideology (as well as much of its back catalog) with partners "Mad" Mike Banks and Robert "Noise" Hood before moving to New York in 1992 to pursue more vigorously his solo and DJ career (with a resident spot at the legendary Limelight and a recording contract with the noted German label Tresor). (Although rumors of bad blood between the early UR crew have been denied by all involved, Mills' decision to split was apparently total, with Banks all but repudiating his involvement with Mills and Mills distancing himself from the continuing political militancy of Banks and the UR organization.)

Mills' UR-related releases (including "The Punisher" and "Seawolf") are stripped-down and erratic, fusing elements of hardcore acid and industrial techno to the sparse Detroit aesthetic. Not surprisingly, his post-UR sound hasn't eased a bit, although UR's penchant for the four-track has been replaced by higher-quality production.

Prior to his involvement in UR, Mills was a DJ at Detroit public radio station WDET (he was also studying architecture at the time), spinning everything from Meat Beat Manifesto and Nine Inch Nails to Chicago house and underground Detroit techno. He began producing in the mid-'80s, working with Tony Srock on the project the Final Cut.

Mills met Banks through a local garage group Members of the House, who Banks was working with in the late '80s. Mills remixed a track on a Members 12-inch, and his and Banks' shared love for Chicago soul and the harder edge of Detroit techno blossomed into Underground Resistance as a combined business and creative enterprise. The pair, along with Robert Hood, recorded several EPs and singles together, including tracks such as "Waveform," and "Sonic," before Mills defected to New York in 1992 to pursue a residency at the Limelight club and a solo career recording for Tresor and his own label, Axis. Mills' discography includes two full-length volumes of Waveform Transmissions for Tresor, a live album and rarities collection for the British label React, and the first album in a new contract with Sony Japan, as well as a handful of 12-inch EPs on Axis and several collaborations with Robert Hood on his M-Plant label. In 2000, Mills took more memorable action by scoring a new soundtrack for Fritz Lang's 1926 film Metropolis, screened around the world at venues including the Museum of Music in Paris, London's Royal Albert Hall, and the Vienna International Film Festival.

Job Jobse

Few DJ’s have worked as hard, earned their stripes as honestly or are as universally loved as Job Jobse.

As a bright-eyed youngster growing up in the fertile city of Amsterdam, Job would attend Trouw week-in week-out, truly transfixed on the music and the culture surrounding it, absorbing everything he saw and heard. He completely fell in love with the scene he was becoming so deeply submerged within and it wasn’t long before he was given his first break, having been offered to DJ in the club’s toilet.

From then on, Job began playing regularly at Trouw, becoming a firm fixture at the renowned club and earning a reputation as one of the most exciting residents. He quickly gained international recognition and not long after found himself sharing the decks with many of the artists he’d been watching so closely before.

Jolly Mare

Mechanical Engineer Ph.D. turned full time rhythmatist.

Between chaos and order, references and uniqueness, Jolly Mare achieves a difficult balance to be described but perfectly focused in his productions and sets.
A sonic journey that starts from Italian disco, from the echoes of his childhood to the afro cosmic rhythm depths.

Several acts and awards through Italy and Europe and a debut album released for the Brooklyn based label Bastard Jazz loaded with groove brought him to the underground audience.
In 2018 he reinvented himself experimenting with library music beats of "Logica Natura" released on Orbeatize Records and distributed by Rush Hour, although never quitting with the guilty pleasure of “lifting up” old tracks of Italian composers, bringing them to our time without losing taste and sophistication.

Jonny Rock

Mall Grab

New to the scene, but not to be underestimated, 22-year-old Mall Grab is breaking all kinds of moulds on his rapid rise to recognition on the world stage. Working from the confines of his decidedly un-electronic hometown of Newcastle, NSW, he is a clear example of the connective power of the Internet. Proof that the web does have the ability get real talent noticed. His sound has been described as ‘mildly celestial “hella stoned” introspections that pay homage to old Three 6 Mafia mixtapes as much as more recent astral experiences in house and techno.’ Inverted Audio says that ‘Mall Grab has steadily grown into a surefire purveyor of leg-stretching, dusty house material.’ With support from artists like George Fitzgerald and Four Tet, it seems like the best is still yet to come.


Matisa is a sophisticated and stylish selector and producer from Italy: Rome-born, Florence-based.
She is able to create musical pathways which incorporate multiple sub-genres; House, Disco, Electro with some incursion to Nu-disco and Experimental vibrations, always with vinyl (due to her large collection). Matisa gives light to an explosive and engaging set because of the typical exaltation of those who have a great passion to share. With the same passion she has already overcome significant challenges in important European clubs.
She collaborates with important crew on the international scene like Red Light Radio Amsterdam and with"Dance With Pride" party/brand. In 2018 she also started a collaboration with Lattex Plus, party based in the beautiful city of Florence.
She runs “The Naked Dance”, which is the gay night created by her
and inspired by the old LGBT club culture.
As producer Matisa has demonstrated quality and great application:
her first EP released for Optimo Music received the support of Jennifer Cardini, Cooper Saver, Justin Cudmore, Justin Strauss, Jackmaster, DJ Seinfeld, Jasper James, Moxie, Roza Terenzi, Skatebård, Ivan Smagghe, Eclair Fifi, Cormac, Sleep D and more.

Napoli Segreta

Napoli Segreta is a duo of Djs and diggers formed by Famiglia Discocristiana and DNApoli. Follow them into the most hidden corners of '70s and '80s Neapolitan disco and funk, if you dare...

Forget classical Neapolitan songs. Forget jazzy Neapolitan power. Forget about pop and rock. Forget about the taste you expect to find once landed in town… and forget about Google maps. Take a dodgy local guide, keep one eye open, and follow her to enter the secret downtown, the underground, the routes that no satellite can detect, but beware there is no easy way out. Napoli Segreta is a musical journey into the sonic landscape of Naples you have never heard of. A variety of genres merging soul, disco, funk, blues, wave, afro-beat, and boogie, including lyrics in Neapolitan urban slang, instrumental tracks with progressive flavour, and unexpected covers. In case you get lost, Napoli Segreta is not liable…NAPOLI SEGRETA vol.2 will be out soon on NG Records , compiled as always by Famiglia Discocristiana , DNApoli and Nu Guinea.

Nicola Mazzetti

Rollover Djs

The Dj duo behind the acclaimed weekly Milan party Rollover and the balearic-centric Anything Goes label...

Rollover DJs are the founders and resident DJs of the popular namesake party in Milan. The duo began their career playing at small clubs and private parties linked to the fashion scene, near and along the hip canals area of Milan. From word-of-mouth amongst the in-crowd, their parties gained popularity fast, and in the meantime the duo’s music also evolved, creating a unique disco/house mix with roots firmly in ‘70s funk, new wave and Afrobeat.

2018 proved to be a busy year, marked by the founding of their own Balearic-inspired edits-only label ANYTHING GOES, releasing two sell-out EPs containing edits by Boot & Tax, Bottin, SHMLSS and Tagliabue. Edits have been played by the likes of 2manydjs, Cassius, Lovefingers, Erol Alkan and Pional. In the same year, the duo also made their debut with the EP Tango Ipnotico (Jolly Jams, Berlin), a post-punk and cosmic/disco blend containing two original Rollover DJ songs along with an Eric Duncan remix. Critics described it as “hard-to-pigeonhole peak-time fun” with the title track “expertly layering Italo-disco style electronics and wayward vocal samples atop a rubbery, post-punk disco groove” (Juno, 2018). The tracks were played by other DJs such as DJ Harvey, James Murphy, Jacques Renault and Tim Sweeney.

In 2019 they lauched a new label with the simple promise to support and promote DJs and producers of Italy’s underground scene. This first Ep contains three original songs by Rollover Djs plus one remix by Tim Sweeney & Lauer aka T&P: Ambient, Balearic & Cosmic House in Rollover Djs’ full extent.

The twosome have played at Le Bain (NYC) and Kater Blau (Berlin) and various venues in Philadelphia, Washington, Madrid, Amsterdam, Biarritz, Brussels and London. They have also participated in festivals in Italy including the VIVA Festival (by ClubtoClub, in Apulia), MTV Digital Days 2015 (Monza) and the More Festival (Venice) and the last edition of WeCanDance in Belgium.

Rollover DJs remain the preferred DJs by the fashion and design industry and their list of international clients include Moschino, Versace, Dsquared2, Margiela, Armani, Givenchy, Adidas, Diesel, Netflix, Instagram, Samsung and Zegna.

Rosa Calix

Young romantic vinyl lover based in Milan.

Seth Troxler

One of electronic music’s most instantly recognisable characters

Seth Troxler is as widely regarded for his encyclopaedic knowledge of early Chicago house and minimal techno through to obscure indierock and ambient psychedelia, as he is as a cultural commentator, art curator, restaurateur and entrepreneur. Descended from a family of cowboys and Baptist preachers, he’s part African- American, part Egyptian, part Cherokee Indian but while his heritage is all- American his global outlook, and unique way of viewing the world through the prism of contemporary music culture, transcends his Mid-Western origins.

Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and raised in suburban Detroit, Seth learnt the art of DJing initially from his stepfather (then a college Radio DJ) and later working behind the counter in legendary Detroit record store ‘Melodies & Memories’. It wasn’t until he made the brave decision to seek new-beginnings in mid- 2000s Berlin that his DJ career really found its feet. Moving to Berlin fresh out of his teens, just as the minimal techno movement was kicking off, was the making of Seth and since then he hasn’t looked back.

Since moving from Detroit to Berlin, and more recently London then Ibiza, ten years ago, Seth has established himself as one of underground electronic music’s most iconic figures, equally at home playing to the smoke-filled dancefloors of some of the world’s most discerning nightclubs, such as fabric, Nortstern, De School or Output, as he is headlining the world’s largest festivals, like Glastonbury, Lowlands, Roskilde or Tomorrowlands. Right from the word go Seth has been as passionate about food and contemporary art as he is about music and these two interests have resonated at all points in parallel alongside his music career. A multi-faceted polymath: he has held residencies at talismanic music institutions such as DC10 (Ibiza), fabric (London) Trouw (Amsterdam), and Output (NYC), runs three record labels, owns a successful restaurant ‘Smokey Tails’ and is just about to unveil a new project that sits firmly at the intersection between futuristic electronica, contemporary art and technology. In 2013 he was voted number one DJ in the world in Resident Advisor’s prodigious ‘Top 100 DJs’ poll. In 2016 he was member of an expedition to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro lead by renowned Australian neurosurgeon Charlie Teo that raised over $1million for brain cancer charities.

“I live to work on projects and build ideas that sit at the point where art, commerce and ideas meet. For me, this idea of creation, is really the essence of life."

Simone De Kunovich

Active in the music and fashion business for more than a decade, Simone de Kunovich is associated with some of Milan’s most iconic parties and clubs.
His eclectic selection and unconventional taste made him one of the key figures in the local scene as well as an active Dj internationally, with gigs in Berlin, Tel Aviv, Bangkok, New York, Paris, London and more.
The upcoming year is gonna see him releasing a series of EPs inspired by his studies of 60/70s European cinema on Superconscious Records, the Australian label managed by Fantastic Man and Francis Inferno Orchestra.


Surgeon has been at the forefront of UK techno since 1994.

His debut EP is regarded by many as seminal, launching his career along with several early Downwards releases, causing a ripple of excitement through the techno cognoscenti of the time. Surgeon has been prolific since, with three albums on Tresor and numerous Counterbalance and Dynamic Tension EPs as well as his 'Breaking The Frame’, ‘From Farthest Known Objects’ and ‘Luminosity Device’ LPs “Over the course of his career, the Birmingham resident has perfected a unique and uncommonly effective production style. His is a tough techno sound with an industrial murk about it but also plenty of funk, swing and a sophisticated sense of dub-space learned in part from his Chain Reaction contemporaries in Berlin. Proving that hard can also be smart, sensuous and danceable, the influence of Surgeon on the 2010-ruling Ostgut/Berghain sound – DJs/producers like Marcel Dettmann, Shed et al – is substantial”. (Fact Magazine)

Further evidence of these multi-functional production skills can be seen on Surgeon's impressive remix CV, working with the biggest names in techno (Dave Clarke, Luke Slater/PAS, Green Velvet, Hardfloor, the Black Dog etc), Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Glasgow post-rock outfit Mogwai, old masters Faust and Coil, as well as artists such Moderat, Shed, Traversable Wormhole and Scuba.

Over the years Surgeon has shown his versatility as a musician with releases under his own name on FatCat, NNA Tapes and Editions Mego which break all the usual boundaries of electronic dance music.

Recently dubbed by Fact magazine as “arguably the finest techno DJ in the world”, Surgeon is also naturally one of the most in-demand, with DJ mixes for Warp and Fabric and a schedule spread across Europe and Japan. He has played every key club/event/festival going; helped pioneer Birmingham’s House of God; and, held a 3 year residency at Tresor (Berlin) during its all powerful 1990s peak. He is also one half of the much loved BMB (British Murder Boys) with Regis as well as performing improvised live sets solo and with Lady Starlight, with Speedy J as ‘Multiples’ and alongside Daniel Bean as ‘The Transcendence Orchestra’

Contemporary Surgeon sets are notable for experimentation with new DJ technologies embracing cutting edge hardware and software solutions, increasingly blurring the line between a DJ set and a live performance. Surgeon is a selector of some skill and one of the most inventive, intuitive DJs out there. Using techno as a vehicle to carry his artistic message, he also mixes up everything from contemporary bass music/dubstep to Rephlex-esque electronica to create a coherent, intense and righteously banging whole. More recently live improvisation has become a more important part of all of his performances.


Talaboman – the auspicious union of John Talabot and Axel Boman

Virginia W

Virginia W. works as a music editor (she collaborated with VICE, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Prismo, N0T) and as an author. She is a promoter and DJ - organizing two parties in Milan: Spiritual Sauna - which intercepts the less "straight" spectrum of experimental clubbing - and Just Cavalle, a true ignorant and (also for this reason) completely inclusive party. She is interested in deepening the role of music in creating safe spaces in which to imagine positive collective dynamics and new community horizons.


Woody92 is a visionary artist who’s musical craft runs parallel with a visual aesthetic resulting in very tangible outcomes. This highly expressive being draws influence from an array of external factors outside of music; subjects such as history, graphic design, the medieval era, the path of religion and the church (despite non-religious beliefs) all play a decisive role. He also keeps a tight circle of like-minded music heads many of which collectively shape the landscape of the Dutch underground scene.

His story as an artist can be traced back to his hometown of Delft, a quiet part of the Netherlands with little musical identity. That being said Woody still caught glimpses of the Free Tribe Tekno, Techno, Trance and Gabber movements but locally it failed to rival that of the likes of Rotterdam & Amsterdam. This left a very plain canvas which enabled Woody to paint his own sonic picture, tell a different story yet to be heard in his immediate proximity. With years of collecting digital files, CD's and Vinyl throughout his teens, Woody would go on to hone his DJ skills at The Hague Art Academy (and many after-parties). In time, he naturally transcended into the club space finding a fitting home to fully express himself as an artist.

Ironing out his own identity with a transition from simply ‘Woody’ into his current moniker Woody92 empowered him to stamp out his vision with full force. He plots a meditative course from pensive ambient and mind-bending electronics, through psychoactive ritual and subdued goa, morphic psy, tripping techno into vital rhythm edged with unfurling and lysergic fractals. With his bi-monthly radio show 'Neon Cleptu' on LYL Radio in Lyon and 'Theme Of Nevermore' show on Red Light Radio, he demonstrates his appreciation and ability in the meditative, tribal, transcendental and trippy.

Woody92 has become a staple in the Dutch scene holding down residencies at local favourites such as De School & Garage Noord. He
has made regular appearances at Dekmantel's series of events from their mainstay in Amsterdam to Selectors in Croatia and more recently their XOYO residency in London. Last year he was invited for his debut performance on Boiler Room closing out a unique Chinatown restaurant rave in Antwerp. The obscure setting was a perfect match for Woody who showcased he is not afraid to take risks providing an enigmatic voyage through prolific peaks and horizontally inclined lows. With a foot in several forthcoming projects and an unchallenged drive for self-expression, Woody92 is considered by all who encounter him as a very intriguing prospect.

Yanik Park

Yanik Park began his career with a party in Milan called Olympia, where he was joined by several Dj’s & producers like Pional, Marvin & guy and Justin Vandervolgen.
After 2 years of successful nights at Olympia he became resident DJ at Volt club, adapting his technique to a bigger room and warming up for artists such as Gerd Janson, Dixon, Young Marco or Job Jobse, to name a few.
This period meant a learning stage for Yanik at being able to build up a party, remaining loyal to his own style yet following a coherent path to the lined up djs.
His style blends between different genres, years, tempo's & moods.
He has started producing his own music with the release of two edits with his "Ears on Earth” Madrid collective and he will soon be releasing new material with a new Italian label.
Yanik Park debuted at DC10 Ibiza this summer 2019 and has played at some renowned parties around Europe including Resident Advisors 24h party, Paraiso Festival Madrid, Polifonic festival Puglia and The lot Radio NYC amongst others.


Thus far, he has already conquered some of the most sought-after dj booths in Europe including Berghain, Tresor, Fabric and, more recently, that of Boiler Room for Viva Festival.

From an early age, Z.I.P.P.O had a drive to create music that inspired others the way his favorite records inspired him. Giuseppe made is DJ debut at the age of 15, already spinning parties in Southern Italian clubs. Two years later, he began to make his first productions, releasing “Symmetrical Therapy” on Figure, and collaborating with international labels such as Involve Records, Suburban Avenue, Enemy and Ben Sims Machine.

Thus far, he has already conquered some of the most sought-after dj booths in Europe including Berghain, Tresor, Fabric and, more recently, that of Boiler Room for Viva Festival, in which he avoids his usual techno selection in lieu of a set exploring the intersection of Detroit house, jazz, Funk and Disco.

In 2015 he founded Fides Records which gave birth to 3KZ. A project that influences a lot the sound of the label with “Sci-fi, electro-tinged techno of the highest order”. As said by the critics: “Sweeping strings, bright arpeggios and a robust rhythm section take this collaboration from Z.I.P.P.O and Kaelan from Italy straight to the Motor City”.

In Z.I.P.P.O’s mind there is always new music that needs to be played and there is always places where that music can be played. He’s constantly searching for new sounds, adding to his grooves, and absorbing from every source of inspiration. He seduces with his ability to wave genres together and his sets show a thoughtful kind of pleasure-seeking, going from introspective dark sounds to the most uplifting Electronic music.

With his eclectic mixing, he’s an energetic personality behind the booth, stepping aside from any tendencies and crafting is set according to the mood of the dance floor.

Z.I.P.P.O’s inherent abilities earned him the respect among his peers and, in recent years, his name appeared on Ryan Elliot's compilation for Fabric and DVS1's curated parties all over Europe.

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