12” + digital

A1 Francis Inferno Orchestra – Psychotria Think Tank
A2 Simone De Kunovich – Passiflora Dub

B1 Yanik Park – Ponytrip
B2 Jolly Mare – Deu Deu

Digital Yanik Park – Ohayashi

Polifonic Records is the melodic balance between antagonistic vibrations, spirits and energies that inhabit the land of Puglia since the dawn of time.
An harmonic exploration into colorful, vibrant sunrise atmospheres and emotional, introspective sunset sensations. One Body. Many Souls.

PF001 // The first installment comes with four contributions by festival affiliates and long time friends – from the explorative psychedelia of Francis Inferno Orchestra and the introspective exotica of Simone de Kunovich, to the playful 707- ish mediterranean vibes of Jolly Mare and the balearic uplifting arpeggios of Yanik Park.
The package represents indeed a tribute to Itria, the magic Valley placed between two seas, Adriatico and Ionio, in the earth of Regione Puglia.