When and where is Polifonic Festival Milano taking place?

The third edition of Polifonic Festival Milano takes place in Milano through two different locations:

The venue for Friday May 31st will be announced as soon as possible.

On Saturday June 1st  and Sunday June 2nd at Parco Esposizioni Novegro – Via Novegro – 20090 Segrate (MI).

What are the festival hours?

The official timetable will be announced soon.


What type of tickets exist and where can I buy them?

You can buy your ticket only on DICE. You can buy different combinations of tickets, depending on the experience you want to enjoy.

FULL FESTIVAL PASS (May 31, June 1-2) Click here 

2DAYS PASS (Saturday & Sunday) will be on sale soon.

SINGLE-DAY TICKETS will be on sale soon.

What are the ticket types, and what is the difference?

Type of ticket that allows entry to the event at any time but does not guarantee a specific or reserved area.

Type of ticket that allows entry to the event at any time and guarantees access to the backstage areas (with reserved bar stations and toilet).
Private Entrance.

General admission ticket that allows entry to the event ONLY before 7:30 PM and not later. Lower price.

IMPORTANT! Each ticket holder will be given an electronic wristband at the entrance.
Pass holders will be able to leave the festival and returning during different days only with a valid electronic wristband. 

Entering and leaving events on the same day will not be possible for security reasons: once the QR code is scanned at the entrance, the ticket will be automatically invalidated.

How long can I buy the ticket?

You can buy your ticket online until the starting time of each event. Then you can pay for your entrance at the door only if the event is not sold out.

Is it possible to book a table?

No tables are available inside the festival.
You can buy the BACKSTAGE ticket that allows entry to the event at any time and guarantees access to all the backstage areas with reserved bar stations and toilet and private entrance.

Where I can change my ticket with the e-wristband?

You can pick up your e-wristband at the entrance only with your purchased ticket.


Full lineup

AliA, Antal, Bulma Brief, Chris Korda (live), Dirty Channels, Disclosure (dj), DJ Gigola, DJ Heartstring, DJ Plant Texture, Etapp Kyle, Evissimax, FJAAK, GNMR, Gui Scott, I HATE MODELS, Jane Fitz, Jennifer Loveless, Jeremy Underground, , KINK & RAREDUB, Luke Slater presents L.B. Dub Corp, Nicola Mazzetti, Pascal Moscheni, Paula Tape, Poly Chain (live), Roi Perez, Shanti Celeste, Simone De Kunovich, Suze Ijò, Tapefeed, Turbojazz, Vittilucchi, Yas Reven.

Where can I find the timetable?

The timetable will be announced soon.


How can I reach the festival?


Via Novegro – 20090 Segrate (MI)


From Tangenziale Est: exit n.6 Linate..

From Venice: A35 direction Milan – exit Novegro – Tregarezzo.

From Turin: A4 direction Venice – ring road east – exit n. 6 Linate.

From Bologna: A1 direction Milan – ring road east – exit n. 6 Linate

BY TRAIN From Milano Central Station

Bus: Line 60 – > Line 73/ (bus stop: Novegro)

Starfly shuttle: direction Milan-Linate Airport (service from 5.30 to 22.30 – cost € 5.00) – > Line 73/ (bus stop: Novegro)

MM/Railway pass: Line M3 (stop Repubblica) -> Milano Repubblica Lines S5/S6 (stop: Milano Dateo) -> Line M4 (stop Linate Airport)


Bus 73/ – direction S. Felicino (bus stop: Novegro)

Line 930: direction Peschiera Borromeo/S. Felicino (bus stop: Novegro)

Bus 38: direction Via Corelli/Novegro (bus stop: Novegro)


Line M4 (Blue): get off at Linate Airport stop.

Is there a transfer service to reach the festival?

Polifonic don’t provide any transfer service.


How can I pay inside the festival?

Polifonic is a cashless festival.

Each ticket holder will receive an electronic wristband at the entrance. You can load money at authorised cash desks or by downloading the official app, available soon on Apple and Android stores.

Where can I eat at the festival?

We have a nice dining area where you can sample local and international delicacies and more. All payments are cashless. You can only pay with your electronic bracelet. You can load the money at the authorised cash desk or via the official app.

Is there camping at the festival?

No camping inside the venue.

Can I take photos or film during the festival?

Although we appreciate the effort to keep memories of our festival on your phone or camera, we would like you to be mindful of your fellow festival-goers. Please, make sure your camera is small and keep your phone or camera away from other people’s line of sight.

For press photographers, please send us your accreditation request. If you are a volunteer photographer or videographer, please send an e-mail to with your portfolio.

Can I volunteer at the festival?

Yes, you can! Our festival would not be the same without the help of a lovely group of volunteers. Email, and we will get back to you.


What is the minimum age at the festival?

The event is accessible only to adults (18+)

What is not permitted inside the festival?

For security reasons entrance to Polifonic venues is not permitted with suitcases or large bags, large backpacks, skateboards, professional camera equipment without permission, food or drink coming from outside. Other prohibited items are aerosols, drones, laser pointers, selfie sticks, big umbrellas, sharp objects, motorcycle helmets, spray cans.

Smaller bags, backpacks, small umbrellas and empty waterbottles will be permitted.
Any hostile and disrespectful behaviour towards any person during the festival will not be tolerated.

What's the policy on (soft-)drugs?

There is an absolute zero-tolerance policy concerning the possession, sale, purchase, or use of hard and soft drugs at the festival site.

Will there be a first aid post at the festival?

During festival hours, we will have a mobile medical team available at the venue. There will also be emergency response teams in the direct vicinity of the festival and a stationary first aid post (easily recognizable near the entrance) at the festival.

We work closely with local authorities and emergency services to ensure a safe and healthy festival experience.

Is the festival accessible to disabled people?

Most of our festival locations are wheelchair accessible.
We have a special entrance, as well as specific toilets.
Please inform us of your visit, and we will provide the necessary information and assistance